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Easy & Sweet Potato Banana Bites

At least that’s what I thought, when I came across this recipe. My husband happened to agree…my two oldest, did not. Weirdos.What’s not to love?! Sweet potato? Good. Banana? Good. CHOCOLATE? Good. (If you just read that like Joey from FRIENDS, then we need to be best friends. Stat.)Regardless of what my crazy kids think, I will be making these again. At least it’s a healthy treat I can keep around the house for the mountain man and myself to enjoy. Ok, maybe I’ll share with little Miss T. Maybe. 😉

And who knows…maybe one day my picky Nugget will actually try one. *gasp!* A mom can dream, can’t she? In the meantime, I’ll stick to making him “chocolate” smoothies, to get some sort of nutrients in him. Seriously though, this kid doesn’t eat! I’m so confused. I LOVE food. My husband LOVES food. That’s what we like to spend our money on. I mean, if he wasn’t a miniature version of me, I’d seriously be concerned that they sent the wrong kid home with me from the hospital. So in case you want to try it on your not-so-picky kids…or even picky kids, because let’s be honest…MOST kids enjoy things with chocolate in them, here is the delicious and oh so easy recipe of the dreaded Sweet Potato



1/2 c cooked, mashed sweet potato (approx 1 medium)
1/2 cup mashed banana (approx 1 medium)
1/4 c nut butter
2 eggs
cinnamon, to taste
Optional ingredients: dark chocolate chips, fruit, chia seeds, etc

Preparation Method

Prep time: 5 mins | Cook time: 20 mins | Total time: 25 min

In a small bowl, mash banana and the sweet potatoes together.
Mix well with eggs, the peanut butter, and cinnamon.
Add any additional ingredients and stir until greased mini muffin tins.
Bake at 375 degrees not less than 18 minutes.


Other pureed fruit such as applesauce can also be used instead. It may taste less sweet but still nice. If desired, a splash of vanilla extract can be used to enhance the flavor.


Serves:14 | Servings: 1 mini muffin or 1/14th of the recipe

47 calls
3 g fat
0.7 sat fat
3.7 g carbs
0.7 g fiber
1.6 g sugars
2.1 g protein
PointsPlus: 1 | SmartPoint: 1

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