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That is to say, the name says everything… Butter Swim Biscuits. In the event that you can pick a customary buttermilk scone or one that has been heated in a rich shower of margarine, what are you going to go with? It’s a simple decision. Since the main thing better than spread is more margarine.

You folks, these bread rolls are SO GOOD. They rise out of this world and are cushioned and light, yet since they were essentially washed in spread, all the outside surfaces are softly crisped and a sensitive, rich flavor runs all through each chomp. They additionally end up being simpler to make than a basic drop roll. There’s no rolling or removing… you don’t need to parcel out the mixture. Here’s the manner by which it goes:

You combine the dry fixings – flour, preparing powder, sugar, and salt – and afterward pour in some buttermilk and mix just until the mixture will hold together.

You pour a stick of dissolved spread into the lower part of a preparing dish and afterward add the mixture to the skillet.

Simple, easy and cheesy! My whole family loves this recipe so much. If it were for them, I’d be making this every day! Give it a shot, you’ll love it!To Make this Recipe You’ Will Need the following ingredients:


To Make this Recipe You’Il Need the following ingredients:


  • 2 cups and half of the all-purpose flour.
  • 2 cups of buttermilk.
  • 1 stick of butter, equal to 3/4 cup.
  • 4 teaspoons of white sugar.
  • 4 teaspoons of baking powder.
  • 2 teaspoons of sea salt.



  1. To 450 degrees, I preheated the oven.
  2. In a medium-sized bowl, I blended all the dry ingredients.
  3. After that, I added the buttermilk and whisk with all the ingredients until I had a soft dough.
  4. In a microwave-safe bowl, I melted the butter and poured it into a baking dish.
  5. I placed the dough right on top of the butter and distributed it uniformly around the pan using a spatula until it reaches the edges.
  6. I sliced the unbaked dough into 9 squares (it should be floating in butter at this point).
  7. I baked for around 20 to 25 minutes or until the surface is golden brown.
  8. Enjoy.


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